Can SEO help a badly built website?

Can SEO help

Can SEO help a badly built Website? Search Engine Optimization is the generic term used to describe all the efforts put in place to ensure that a website is highly visible on the Search Engine Ranking Page. It goes beyond keyword stuffing or the number of links on one’s webpage. Depending on the skill set of your web development firm, this singular activity can make or mar your website’s efficiency. A proper SEO technique is usually being designed and implemented right from the moment web development commences.

While the majority of internet users might not be aware of SEO’s significance, they recognize the benefits associated with owning a productive website. This is perhaps one of the main reasons for the steady increase in the number of websites being hosted on a daily basis. Every business owner or individual who intends to reach a larger audience understand that their best shot at achieving this is by having a website and maximizing its functions.

In a bid to maximally benefit from the countless opportunities associated with having a firm digital presence on the internet, so many business owners contact ill-equipped website designers who are not fully equipped in the science and art of website development. The aftermath of this union almost always ends in a poorly built website which performs way below the benchmark of efficiency. As a result, the website might have one or all of the following features:

  • unappealing website design
  • a sluggish website
  • high bounce rate
  • unresponsive website
  • Difficult to navigate web pages
  • A poorly optimized website

Reviving a website with any or all of the above features is possible as long as this task is given to a competent website design firm. Most times, a major adjustment might be done in order to fully optimize the websites but in some cases, the websites will be totally dismantled and reconstructed due to some background flaws that can’t be overlooked.

In the event, that the initial errors are redeemable, the following are some of the actions a competent website development firm might take:

  1. Improve the website content: we are all aware of the significance of good content to a website and what it does to its visibility. To get natural traffic which will improve your ranking, you must not only have relevant contents, your Meta title and description must also be captivating and meaningful. You can’t have a good meta title and description with poor content or vice versa.
  2. Improve the load speed: though websites page generally loads in seconds, users do not like to be kept staring at a blank page for long. Your visitors are more likely to return to the Search Engine Ranking Page if your website takes a longer time to load. Reducing the file size of the images on your webpage will significantly improve your web page speed and make it easier for search engine crawlers to crawl faster on your pages.
  3. Improve or completely redesign the webpage: An aesthetically appealing website with all the right features in the right places will obviously attract higher web traffic. Due to this singular reason, visitors get to stay longer on your webpage and read your content. The more visitors who stay longer on your webpage, the higher your chance of ranking higher on Google’s SERP.
  4. Improve the website’s accessibility via any device: With an ever-increasing number of internet users visiting from their mobile phones on a daily basis, it is only logical that websites are built with the necessary features that will make them easily accessible on any internet-enabled device.

Finally, the answer to the question “Can SEO help a badly built Website?” depends largely on the extent of the damage caused by your first web designer. To reverse these errors and bring the website to optimum production capacity, the services of lots of web-related professionals will be required as this is obviously not a one-man job.

As a prospective website owner intending to maximize the opportunity associated with owning a website or an existing website owner willing to drastically improve organic web traffic, contacting Lead web praxis is your first step towards achieving this as we will make sure you never have to worry about having a bad website in the very first place.

At Lead web praxis, we not only design quality websites for our clients, but we also create a comprehensive maintenance plan to make sure that they produce optimal results at all times.

Can SEO help a badly built Website?

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