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Why you need to have a mobile friendly website.

While this topic might have been irrelevant 15 years ago due to the scarcity of internet-enabled phone, the ever-increasing number of mobile phone users who access the internet from their handheld device for mundane activities (hiring a taxi, ordering foods, making purchases among many others) has made having a mobile-friendly website a compulsory prerequisite for all website owners. On a daily basis, the internet is gradually becoming a part of our lives and the vast majority of users access it from smartphones.

To benefit from this change of flow, it is only logical for all business owners who intend to maximize the gains associated with being on the cyberspace to have a mobile-friendly website. Below are five reasons why you should consider having a mobile friendly website:

  1. It is a prerequisite for ranking on Google:

While having a mobile friendly website is not necessarily a requirement for owning a website in general, it is a major requirement for website ranking on Google. Since 2015, Google has made it known that having a responsive website will be one of the main requirements for ranking a website. In other words, not having a mobile friendly website means that you will most likely not appear on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). Of what purpose is your website if you are not visible on SERP?

  1. Easily accessible:

Except for academic researchers, most users of the internet prefer to access the internet from their phones and they like to be quick about it. As a result, having a website that is not responsive to portable devices (smartphones and tabs) will significantly discourage visitors from staying on your webpage since they will most likely experience difficulty reading the text and navigating through the information contained on your webpage. In the long run, you will experience high bounce rate and low leads which can be converted to sales. On the contrary, having a responsive website built to accommodate mobile device users will not only retain customers but also help you lure new ones.

  1. To gain an edge over your competitors:

In the business world, you need all the advantages you can get to stay ahead of your competitors if you intend to maximize sales. As a result, you should be willing to maximize all the tools that will increase your ranking on Google’s SERP (this is not limited to having a mobile-friendly website).

It is important to note at this stage that the successful configuration of a mobile-friendly website which will generate the required traffic goes beyond applying a few tweaks or making a webpage resize to the screen’s size. In most cases, it is executed from the scratch and it requires the professional input of a team of experienced web designer and developers.

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