Affordable Options for Responsive Business Website in 2019 and Beyond

Responsive Business Website – Before the internet age, all businesses focused on brick and mortar. Opening stores and building office complex in several locations across the world was the rave. Now, this strategy has fizzled out. Businesses are working tirelessly to build and maintain a website.

A website is no longer limited to a static webpage with brief information and contact details of a business. It has expanded over the years to include several web frameworks and astonishing UI/UX designs that grab the attention of the users.

With the surge in data, businesses have found a way to have recurring users. Most websites are built to be responsive. A popular term is RWD – Responsive Web Design, which mimics the graphical size of any screen used by a user to view the website.

For instance, rather than create multiple screen designs for mobile devices (phones and tablets), laptops (13”, 14”, 15”, and 17”), desktop screens, extra-large screens, and web/mobile browsers, a developer can build a simple, cross-browser, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use website for the business.

The primary purpose of going responsive is to ensure that the website can easily be viewed. If not, the web browser may focus on only reading the HTML and interpret it as a bunch of text with various sizes. This, of course, will diminish the number of users accessing the website.

Responsive Web Design for Business

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is defined as the use of web design or web development to design or develop a website that fits or reacts to all sizes of screen. So, RWD offers optimization for every user’s browsing experience through a simple, responsive, and flexible web page that adjusts to the screen size of its user for optimal access.

RWD became increasingly important from 2013. That year was declared as the Year of Responsive Design and it was so because multiple users had a preference for reading content online with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

There are several factors to look out for when trying to determine if your business should be responsive. They are:

Best Experience

RWD offers the best optimized and user experience possible. Across multiple devices, the attention of the users can be engaged with optimal effect.

Audience Reach

It is no surprise that the audience is the bane of every website. A plain website with unlimited text and limited design will not sit right with the majority of the website users. Heck, it may not get ranked or indexed by search engine bots at all. To draw attention requires optimal and efficient websites.


Mobile devices are the next best thing after sliced bread. More than 60% of all hits online come from smartphones and mobile devices. It is never fun for users to vertically scroll or zoom a business website on smartphones or mobile devices.

To appeal to your users/clients/customers, ensure to have an RWD. The best part is RWD offers one set of code to maintain. So, rather than have multiple lines of codes or several databases which can easily be forgotten in the course of the update, RWD offers just one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

RWD comes with SEO, SEO is the sauce of every business website as it comes with indexing and ranking by search engine bots.


RWD enhances offline presence and browsing experience by using HTML5 to deliver the best browsing capabilities to users regardless of their internet or mobile data option.

These few factors drive home the point. Let’s discuss affordability. Every business comes with a price and budget, the affordable and best options help the best business beat the market.

Affordable Options for Business

There are a ton of affordable options of RWD for business in 2019 and beyond. Selecting the best of this affordability is picking a needle in a haystack. But, do not worry, we’ve got you covered. Lead Web Praxis curated and tested several options online and selected these few.


WordPress is the leading web design platform for coders and non-coders. There are hundreds of templates that are specifically tailored to various businesses. Simply install the best RWD template applicable to your business.


For web developers, the ideal javascript library to use when developing a website for a business is bootstrap. The bootstrap library loads faster and quicker. The best catch – it is mobile friendly and responsive.


A combination of these web technologies will set your business as a leading web brand in the market. Ensure that your HTML codes load first before the JS. This gives the user an inkling of what to expect in a record time of milliseconds.

There are other web builders such as Joomla, Weebly, Webflow, Google Web Designer, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc but the above recommendation continues to top the chart for responsiveness.


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Responsive Business Website

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