Voice search was not prevalent five (5) years ago but now, ComScore estimates that more than 50% searches done by users in 2020 will be voice searches. In 2019, we hear more people say “Hello Siri”, “OK Google”, “Alexa!”, “Cortana”, etc.

In the last conference held by Microsoft, it projected a graphical image of how Cortana will be the future AI Assistant-powered with cognitive functions will act. It can book appointments, cancel appointments, make reservations, and in fact, run your life with little to no effort from you.

So, the next question is, what is Voice Search? Voice search is an AI-powered application or assistant that lets you ask, search, and inquire about anything online and probably offline.

These assistants scout the web for you and provide the desired results. It can read speeches or content, provide evaluative analysis on some trends, carry out instructions, etc.

Most voice assistants are designed to understand, process, and communicate with the Natural Learning Processing (NLP). This means that they understand when asked questions with when, where, how, who, and what.

The next question is on the sustainability of Voice Search in the Digital World. ComSearch estimates that more than 50% of searches will be voice search.

Microsoft is improving on its Cortana, while Apple is striving to make Siri, our 24/7 Assistant. Alexa is already the awesome help we hear every day but can’t see while Google tries to dominate our searches with its Assistant.

In all, the battle to dominate the voice search market is stiff. This shows that voice search is here and has come to stay. Unlike chatbots which are localized to businesses, there is a prevalent need for voice search. Why type or fuss over a situation when an AI Assistant is always available to help.

Although, there may be a growing concern on the vulnerability of these voice searches and the foreseeable statistics on data privacy and protection. These assistants if manipulated by the wrong persons can be tools for eavesdropping on private conversations.

In the digital world, voice searches can be used in several ways:

  • Search Engine Optimization. Google and Facebook are building a conversationalist AI Assistant for searches. This means that the traditional methods of SEO whereby keyword is key may fade for a conversational SEO where contents must be written in NLP for AI to understand.

This will definitely affect organizations and marketers who have built businesses and brands with the traditional SEO standard and practices.

Hence, it is of crucial importance to monitor the trends and make a rapid switch when it becomes prevalent to avoid being cut at a cross-wire.

  • Content marketing. The era of creating contents that can only be read by humans are gradually coming to an end. Now, content writers and marketers have a new challenge. It is, ensuring that AI can read the contents too. These involve writing conversational content for both readers and machines.

It is easier to ask Siri, where is the best Digital Marketing agency in Nigeria and gets a specific or tailored answer. But, googling such phrase will churn out thousands of web links which will at most leave you clueless.

So, content marketing will no longer focus on only keywords, but also on the conversation style, the structured data markup, and localization of content, etc. In content marketing, voice search is proven to be sustainable in the digital world.

  • Assistive service delivery. AI-powered assistants have proven to offer assistance in all activities from home to office, to market, to shopping, etc. Currently, Alexa can place orders on products off the Amazon website.

It can control light switches, turn on and turn off televisions including increasing or decreasing the volume. Cortana on the other hand, can book an appointment, make flight reservations, recharge your phone, and order food off the nearest store or your favorite store.

So, voice search is not going anywhere with these assistances, rather it is creating more space to penetrate the market and dominate.

  • Voice searches have proven to be sustainable in the e-commerce sector as users can place orders simply by asking for the best eCommerce website to buy products. A picture can also be added and using imaging software, the exact product or a replica can be found with its best prices.

In conclusion, voice search is just warming up and by 2025, it will be part of our daily lives. It is a viable disruption to the traditional system of assistance and it is sustainable in the digital world.

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