Whether you are in the business of manufacturing or service rendering, marketing has always been one of the surest means to significantly boost turnover. By invoking any of its proven research tools, business owners can serve their customers better and improve on their flaws.

With the level of success achieved with marketing in the 20th century, many might have been unable to predict the current paradigm shift being witnessed by marketing in its entirety. In today’s world, the internet has made it possible for business owners to:

  • Accurately predict customer’s behaviour,
  • Get concrete feedback from the customer,
  • Deliver an Ad to a target audience and many more without necessarily spending a fortune.

We have seen first-hand how the internet has shaped and revolutionized Business-To-Customer (B2C) firms. While it is arguable that Business –To- Business (B2B) marketing modalities are quite different from that of B2C’s, the end goal for these two types are similar; retain and attract new customers.

The continuous disruption and improvement being witnessed by marketing as an act and a field of study also brings many goodies for B2B owners.

Below are a few of the avenues that B2B co-operations can explore to benefit from the many goodies of digital marketing:

  1. Having a fully-functional website:

That this is the first point shouldn’t come as a surprise. Aside from the fact that having a website adds credibility to a business, a functional website that can engage clients and satisfy your clients’ immediate curiosity will in the long run help in boosting sales.

While we might argue that B2B co-operations need more face to face interaction with their clients, having a website that can automatically generate a quotation, request for a whitepaper and other useful Call-To-Actions will immediately evoke your clients’ interest.

  1. Quality website contents:

As much as having a website is important for B2B’s, having quality contents for that website is more important.  In the struggle for dominance and visibility on the cyberspace, content is king. Depending on what interests your clients, contents are available in many types (white papers, Vlogs, blog articles, e-books, case studies and infographics among many others).

Please note, content can only be considered to be good enough on the cyberspace if it is visible and appealing to your target audience. To be visible, certain ever-changing criteria (like the current SEO techniques) must be met when creating/drafting them.

  1. Putting the influence of social media to good use:

While it is clear that B2B companies do not exist to serve the general populace, this does not in itself infer that there are no positives for B2B firms to take from social media usage. By consistently churning out great and engaging contents (influenced by the latest SEO techniques) via social media pages and redirecting visitors to their webpage, they become more visible on Search Engine Ranking Pages. Social media also provides one of the best platforms for conducting quick market surveys.

  1. Fusing PPC Ad into your marketing strategy:

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of advertisement (usually on top of the page) returned by search engines when a user searches for a commodity or service with a search engine. As the name implies, advertisers make payment based on the number of clicks the ad generates. A carefully drafted PPC Ad will popup anytime a search engine user searches for a commodity/service that relate to yours. The more times you appear in a search result, the higher your chances of generating leads.

  1. Engaging in Customer Research and Encouraging Reviews:

To significantly improve sales, you need to be able to predict customers’ behaviour, listen to their complaints and carry out a series of surveys in the interest of your business. The advancement of digital marketing has made it possible for the aforementioned to be performed with more precision.

Please keep in mind that the above is not an exhaustive list of the benefits associated with using digital marketing to promote the activities of B2B co-operations in Nigeria. The continuous growth being triggered by technological advancement keeps offering new avenues for digital marketers to explore. At Lead web Praxis, we familiarize ourselves with the latest digital marketing techniques suitable for B2B and B2C co-operations.

Marketing techniques are currently in a fluid state. As a result, all B2B firms should also be willing to try out new things as they emerge. Should in case you are unable to keep up with the ever-changing requirements, you can contact us via any of the options provided on our contact page. We are a full-fledged digital marketing agency willing to help you achieve your business goal.

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