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Web Analytics- Your guide towards making meaning from website data. At Lead Praxis, we help our clients make meaning from the data generated from websites and how it can be improved to further the clients’ goal.

What is Web Analytics?

Every website owner should be familiar with terms like page view, average time on site, leads, Visits, Unique Visitors, bounce rate, page views and many more. These records are provided in a numerical format and they are all indicators of a website’s performance on the digital space.

Web analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing these data in order to make informed decisions geared towards the accomplishment of the client’s goal. As a digital marketing agency, data gotten from this analytics are used to access the current marketing strategy in use and whether or not there is a need for an upgrade or a complete overhaul.

Why you should hire Lead Praxis for your Web Analytics Service

The numbers used for analytics are generated automatically once you have an analytics tool installed. These numbers in themselves, mean nothing unless accurately interpreted by a professional digital marketer who makes fact-inspired decisions from the derivations. Below are some of the reasons you should consider hiring a competent digital marketer like Lead Praxis for your web analytics:

  1. The need to have a professional’s input: Except you are a mathematics guru who is well vast with the analysis and interpretation of website data, your best option will be to hire a professional analyst. This will also afford you the necessary time to focus on what you know how to do best (the development of your business).
  2. Inability to provide enough time: Even if you have the basic skills required to interpret the derived data, the kind of business you run might make it almost impossible for you to spare some valuable moment required to properly analyze this data on a consistent basis. In situations like this, your best option will be to contact a dedicated digital marketing agency.
  3. The need to make the data accessible to everyone: Should your business be a one-man business, you might not need the services of a web analyst if you understand the basics of data analysis. For a larger organization, you will need the services of a digital marketing agency comprised of well-vast data analyst in order to make the derived data accessible and relatable to everyone.
  4. To install the right web analytics tools: Depending on the type of data you intend to generate, there are several web analytics tools out there (each having its own strengths and weaknesses). Consulting the right digital marketing agency will ensure that you have the right scripts installed. This will prevent you from installing unnecessary scripts that might harm your website’s speed.

Web analytics tools that we use

Depending on your needs, we can use any of the major web analytics tools to analyze the data traffic gotten from your website. Some of the web analytics tools we use at Lead Praxis include:

For interested individuals and corporate bodies intending to interpret and make optimal use of the data being generated by their websites, contacting Lead Praxis is your best shot at doing so at a highly affordable fee.

Web Analytics

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