Paid Search Management

Paid Search Management – Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an internet marketing model where Advertisers pay each time a visitor clicks on an advert. The fee paid ranges from a paltry sum of cents to an exorbitant fee of more than $20 per click. The calculation depends on the density and generated traffic of the targeted keywords. PPC is basically used by websites to gather visits through paid searches rather than through organic traffic. Organic traffic takes time and effort to reflect on the visibility of the website but with paid searches, it becomes faster and less cumbersome.

Paid Search

One of the most popular forms of PPC is Search engines advertising. An example of a search engine ad is Google AdWords. Here, advertisers bid on spaces for ad placement in Google’s search engine sponsored links and other Google’s properties. Once the winning bid is clicked by a user searching for the relevant keywords, the advertiser is billed. But for the bid to win, the keywords must be targeted, have a high-quality score, conversion rates and relevant to the users.

The winning keywords are chosen based on several factors such as ad campaigns, quality, size of keyword bids and relevance.

Lead Praxis is one of the leading agencies in the management of Paid searches. We research popular keywords pertaining to your brand or company, select the best-targeted keywords and place bids on the Google Adwords platform. Our strategy relies on data algorithm developed by our experts and specialists working round the clock to deliver apt paid searches that would increase and boost conversion rates. We delivered these algorithms and data in the course of working with several businesses and brands.

We combine three keywords effective principles when selecting the best keywords for our clients. The three effective principles are the relevancy of targeted keywords found, exhaustive keyword research, and expansive iteration of the PPC campaigns.

Successful PPC Ads Campaign

We achieve a successful PPC advertising campaign by focusing on:

  • Quality of Landing Page – We write relevant and persuasive content and call-to-action for an optimized landing page personalized to precise search queries.
  • Keyword Relevance – We craft the relevant list of PPC keyword lists and proper ad texts.
  • Quality Score – We build your quality score to rate higher in Google’s rating of relevance and quality. We do so by working on your PPC campaigns, keywords and landing pages to ensure that it passes all tests of the standard.

We optimize your PPC campaigns by making adjustments or creating the following:

  • Adding PPC Keywords
  • Adding negative keywords which are non-competing keywords to improve your campaign and reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Reviewing expensive keywords to eliminate underperforming keywords.
  • Splitting Ad Campaigns into smaller, relevant and targeted ad groups to improve the quality score and click-through rates (CTR).
  • Refining Landing Pages to align with precise search queries that will boost and increase conversion rates.

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Paid Search Management

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