Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization – Aside from other latent benefits associated with owning a website, the main reason why most business owners have an operational website is to increase awareness and sales of their products. In order to fully achieve this, so many techniques have been utilized all in a bid to maintain a high ranking on Search Engine Pages.

One of such techniques is by optimizing a business website to appeal to a target audience which is mostly in a specific region (Local Search Engine Optimization). Unlike the conventional Search Engine Optimization which is aimed at sourcing for clients beyond the present geographical location of the business, Local SEO focuses on sourcing for clients from the immediate surroundings.

With up to 46% of Google searches having local intent, the rate at which customers are turning to the internet for nearby services is gradually increasing.

By optimizing your website for the local audience, you stand a better chance at having more customers and offline purchase anytime there is a search from your neighbourhood about the services you offer.

Investing in the optimization of your website for the local audience also prepares your business for the future of marketing since the rate at which people source for information from traditional media has been declining vis-à-vis the increase of internet search.

Among many other attributes, a Local SEO implementation plan must contain the following:

  1. Localization of the website: a business website is obviously meant to inform the world about the services you offer. However, if you are a small scale entrepreneur or a provider of services, it will be more profitable for you to focus on the immediate neighbourhood while localizing your website. By doing this, your website will appear anytime a visitor is searching for a particular service in that location.
  2. Appearance in online business directories: By getting listed on a number of citation sites and directories as a supplier of a particular product or services in a specific location with your Business name, Address and Phone number, your online reputation as a legitimate seller increases.
  3. A verified spot on Google My Business page (GMB): GMB is a free online directory that gives the business owner the opportunity to put their business on Google map and verify it. By doing this, whenever visitors search for a particular service/product in your region, your business page appears as part of the suggestions.
  4. A well-managed review: In a situation where most people searching for your services have not met you, one of the factors that will convince them of your genuineness is the quality of review dropped by existing customers on your website/or any other review websites and how you respond to the negative ones. As such, you should always encourage your clients to drop reviews.

As a small or medium scale entrepreneur willing to significantly increase the number of customers walking through your front door from your surroundings, applying the techniques of Local SEO is the cheapest and fastest medium to achieve this. For a step-by-step guide on the best local SEO implementation plan which has also proven to be effective for other small and medium-scale businesses, contact us at Lead web.

Local Search Engine Optimization

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