Email Marketing – Right from the pre-industrial era, humans have always engaged in one form of marketing or the other in order to initiate transactions. The skills might be largely unrefined at that moment but they still managed to get the job done partly because the competition was scanty and families were subsistence. Fast forward to this millennium, marketing has witnessed several structural changes in planning and implementation due to the advancement of technology and the reinforced competition.

One of such successful marketing medium that is birthed by the advancement of technology is “email marketing”. From the name, we could easily deduce that this medium focuses on the promotion of products/services through email. At one point or the other, we must have received an anonymous email (usually found in the spam folder) trying to inform us about the existence of a particular service and the bonus offer available if we follow through on the content. While those emails can also be regarded as a form of email marketing since they are also sent with the intention of persuading the audience, they usually have a low response rate because of the haphazard nature that was employed in executing them.

Once executed by the right professionals, email marketing is capable of helping a business grow exponentially by creating and maintaining a relationship between the business and customers with carefully drafted emails that customers can relate with. In order to successfully market via emails, the addresses have to be customers or potential customers who showed initial interests by providing their email address. Otherwise, the mail might just be ignored or deleted immediately after the receiver receives it.

Let’s highlight a few of the benefits associated with using email marketing as a medium for promoting services/products:

  1. Cost-effective: Unlike other conventional forms of marketing that comes with additional fees like printing fee, airing fee among many others, the cost required to successfully execute an email marketing campaign is significantly lower. This right here is why it is considered one of the digital marketing tools with the highest Return on Investment provided it is properly executed.
  2. It can be easily evaluated: Due to the availability of the many email marketing tools available, you can easily gauge the success of our campaign by analysing the data provided. This also allows you to fine-tune your marketing strategy for optimum performance where necessary.
  3. Easy to share: When clients find your contents relatable and beneficial, not only do they appreciate it but they are also willing to share it to as many contacts as possible. Using this medium as a campaign tool allows them to easily share those contents.
  4. Messages can be personalized: With the avalanche of information provided by some email marketing tools, you can afford to send personalized messages which are structured based on each customer’s transaction history or carted items. Also, more people will be willing to read a message that starts with their name (for example, Dear Daniel) than a message that begins with a general greeting (for instance, Dear customer).

Considering the fact that most internet users have a short attention span, your chances of persuading the audience depends largely on the relevance of the content contained in your email and how it appeals to their emotion.

In order to maximize the benefits contained in promoting a product/service via email, it is always preferable to consult an experienced digital marketing agency as they are well conversant with most of the email marketing mistakes that could hurt your campaign. For more information about the actualization procedure, contact us at Lead web, Abuja for a breath-taking experience.


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