Conversion Optimization

Conversion is generally the result of completing a website goal by a visitor. Website goals range from subscription, signing up, buying a product, making a request, etc.

Examples of a Conversion

Conversion is divided into two: Micro-conversion and Macro-conversion.

Macro-conversion on a website is:

  • To subscribe to a service
  • To purchase a product
  • To request a quote

Micro-conversion on a website is:

  • To create an account
  • To sign up for the mailing list
  • To add a product to the cart
What is Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is measured as the rates of clicks, visits, referrals, traffic performing the desired action or clicking on the call-to-action button on your website or landing page.

To calculate the conversion rates of a website, it is the number of unique visits or orders divided by the number of sessions.

For instance, if a visitor hypothetically called Visitor A visits your website the first time without doing anything, there is no conversion. If Visitor A visits your website the second time and signs up for your mailing list, there is a conversion. If Visitor A visits your website the third time and pays for a subscription that is another conversion. The second version is not the same as the first conversion because each visit is unique and different.

Therefore, the conversion rate will be, the two (2) conversion divided by the number of visits or sessions.

2/3 = 66% conversion rate.

This same explanation is applicable to the E-commerce websites. The conversion number can be equated with the number of orders divided by the number of sessions or visits to get the conversion rate.

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization is the proven process of increasing or boosting the rates of clicks on your website, e-commerce store or landing page.

Five (5) Ways to improve your Conversion Optimization

There are five ways to improve your conversion optimization online. They are:

  • Improve your customers’ insights – Conversion optimization is an ideal way to understand your audience and find out what speaks to them the most.
  • Build better scalability
  • Build better ROI – You should improve on your acquisition efforts to increase conversion of your visitors to potential customers.
  • Build a better User Experience – Building better user experience on your website is the best conversion optimization. This is achieved by empowering your website to engage the users more.
  • Create an enhanced Trust – For your users to trust you with their personal information including email and credit card details, your website must be verified as a tested and trusted website.

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